Tintin au Liban (Full Issue)

A while back, I stumbled upon a short video depicting a Tintin au Liban parody edition. The video showed an English edition which seemingly was issued by the National Lampoon magazine, an American humor magazine that ran from 1970 to 1998 and was a spinoff from the Harvard Lampoon. However, the only reference to this edition I could find were scanned copies of the full French edition, which is good enough for me :D I…

Caroline Hayek (L’Orient-Le Jour) Nominated For The Prestigious Albert Londres Prize

The Albert Londres association has unveiled the list of articles, films and books pre-selected for the 2021 edition, and Caroline Hayek from L’Orient-Le Jour is among the candidates nominated for the best written report of the year. For those who are not familiar with the ceremony, The Albert Londres Prize is the highest French journalism award, named in honor of journalist Albert Londres. It is considered the French equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize. Caroline was…

LAU Translates Oldest Book About #Beirut Into French, English & Arabic

5 years ago
Back in January, I was invited to attend a special event at the Center for Lebanese Heritage (CLH) at LAU where a translation of the very first book to be printed about Beirut was launched. ...

L’Orient-Le Jour Speaks English Too: Why Not?

5 years ago
L’Orient-Le Jour, the leading and probably only French-language daily newspaper in Lebanon, is launching a special section in English where translations of a selection of its articles will be made available. They mentioned two convincing ...

75-Year Old Publisher Dar Assayad To Shut Down

5 years ago
Al-Anwar newspaper first declared on its front page and it will stop being published, only to be followed by news that its publisher, Dar Assaad, which was founded in 1943 by Said Freiha, will halt ...
Mags & Books

Emily Nasrallah Honored with Stamp as Final Book goes on Sale

5 years ago
In collaboration with the Ministry of Telecommunications, Liban Post issued on September 5 a stamp to honor prominent Lebanese author Emily Nasrallah, who passed away on March 14. The stamp’s face value is 1,250 LBP and ...

Lebanese Wines Marsyas & Bargylus Featured In France’s Le Monde

7 years ago
Karim and Sandro Saadé, the two brothers and owners of Château Marsyas in Lebanon and Domaine de Bargylus in Syria got a special two-page feature in the French daily newspapers Le Monde, one of the ...

The Week Middle East: Is Lebanon Sinking?

8 years ago
The Week Middle East featured our PM Tamman Salam on its cover page with the title “Is Lebanon Sinking?” in reference to the ongoing garbage crisis. I tried looking for the magazine but couldn’t find ...

BlogBaladi Earning The Top Spot In Communicate Levant’s Book of Tens (Top Social Media Influencers)

9 years ago
Communicate Levant just released their book of tens 2015 which includes comprehensive lists of everything that happened in Lebanon last year from viral campaigns, YouTube hits, epic media mistakes, promising local startups, bad outdoor ads, ...

It’s Confirmed! Whitney Houston Is Still Alive According To Nadine Magazine

9 years ago
Since a lot of people have asked me about the Whitney Houston article I shared this morning, I asked a friend to pick up the Nadine Magazine from a nearby library and see if it’s ...