George Boutros is an amateur yet passionate night sky photographer who has been dedicating a lot of time and effort for his hobby. A month ago, he was telling us about his new project which was capturing the Galactic Center of the Milky Way (the galaxy that contains our solar system) in one composition with the Lebanese coast, and the amount of paperwork he had to go through to be able to shoot from the “Palms Island Natural Reserve” which is located 5.5 km offshore and northwest of the cities of Mina and Tripoli. The reason why he chose Palm Islands is due to the massive light pollution along the coast in populated areas.


Needless to say, the pictures turned out to be quite amazing. I shared a couple of pictures and there’s more [here].

Also and since I’ve been following George’s work for some time now, I compiled some of his best shots from around Lebanon and put them all in one post.

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I also love these shots he took of Florence and the Vatican. Enjoy!