the village

We’ve been hearing for quite some time about a community of pubs and restaurants opening in Dbayyeh and it looks like it’s finally happening. The Village Dbayyeh is opening next week and will include more than 15 pubs and restos which are: Crepaway, Divvy, Nasma, Bodo, BistroBar, Toto, Lina’s, 190, Barcelona, EscoBar, Faze II, Rural, The Bar, The Mayor, The Oak Cocktail Bar and Trumpet.

The venue looks really nice with stone houses, fountains, outdoor public spaces and greenery and I like the variety of places opening there. The Village is ideal for families as there’s plenty of space for kids to play around and for individuals who just want to go out and have a drink in the bar/pub zone.

There’s one thing that I’m not comfortable with though, the amount of traffic that this venue will cause and the lack of parking spaces. The people behind The Village are saying there are two parking lots nearby and there’s of course a Valet Parking service but we all know that things always go wrong when there’s Valet Parking.

The official opening is on November 12 so I will hopefully have more info by next week. If you wish to read more about the Village, click [here].

village1 Via BeirutCocktailFactory

village2 Via BeirutCocktailFactory