Picture from DailyStar

We’ve been hearing reports from almost all media outlets about Lebanese getting expelled from UAE Gulf countries but our Foreign Minister has been denying them so far. The latest news is that 25 Lebanese got deported from Qatar after being given a four-day ultimatum.

25 Lebanese expatriates were deported from Qatar and are expected to arrive in Beirut as of Wednesday evening. The report claimed that the Lebanese expatriates, who all work in the same company, were given a four-day ultimatum to leave the Qatari territories. It also added that the Lebanese expatriates’ residency permits were still valid as the deportation decision was issued. [MTV]

Radio Voice of Lebanon apparently was able to spot one of the Lebanese who got expelled, Ahmed Ayyoub who and I quote “left the airport without giving any statement about his expulsion because he was in a “delicate emotional condition”. He had just arrived at the Beirut Airport and the reasons for his expulsion are still unknown.