Picture from Al-Akhbar

It was brought to my attention that gambling and poker sites are no longer accessible in Lebanon. I looked up a bit online and tried opening some websites and they weren’t accessible indeed. The decision to block the gambling sites was apparently taken by the Ministry of Justice as stated in the text below, noting that it’s not an official statement.

I woke up Saturday, June 15 and could not open my Pokerstars client. A few other sites were unreachable either. After contacting my ISP, they informed me that they are blocking access to online poker sites as requested by the ministry of justice.
On Sunday, June 16. Only one site was officially functioning, Starsofholdem. Owned by a Lebanese, hosted in Costa Rica and operated by Stars of Holdem Group @ London – United Kingdom. As the info shows on their website.
I contacted StarsofHoldem support and they assured me that the online restriction in Lebanon will not affect their operations because THEY PAY TAXES TO THE GOVERNMENT!!!!

I know for a fact that gambling in Lebanon is illegal outside the Casino du Liban but I had no clue it included online gambling as well.

Some of the popular gambling sites that got blocked are:
bwin (This one opened though on my connection)

Thanks Rob