Few days ago, I saw a post about an unidentified woman driving a black BMW tainted car blocking the road in Hamra. As it turns out, the lady was Rola Yammout, Haifa Wehbe’s stepsister, and she got stopped by a policeman who wanted to check her tint license but she refused to show him any papers for some reason.


Today, Rola Yammout posted on Hamra’s Facebook page (which I could not find) why she blocked the road by claiming the policeman never asked for any papers but instead was harassing her and making a big fuss about her being Haifa’s sister. Added to that, she posted pictures of her window tinting permit and gun license to prove that she wasn’t violating the law.


My question is: What is the criteria for getting a gun license and a permission to tint your car in Lebanon? Why does she have both?