I wanted to post about the gas price drop today but I thought I collaborate to plus961’s funny post instead.

As you all know, the gas prices dropped by 5,000 LL after the weekend crisis caused by the political bickering between Raya el Hassan and Gebran Bassil. Of course with the current tensions in the region and mainly in Libya, you can expect the prices to get back to 35,000 LL within few weeks time.

Nevertheless, here’s a continuation of the list of stuff you can buy for this extra 5,000 LL you now have in your pockets :

6- 10 Unica Chocolate bars.
7- Half a Chawarma from Boubouffe.
8- 1 Man2ouche Zaatar from Zaatar wou Zeit.
9- 10 Manakish Zaatar from Ghalayini.
10- 1 Grilled Potato Appetizer from Crepaway (Plus the 500 LL tips).
11- 1 Chocolate Pancake from Roadster.
12- 1 Hot Dog from Frank Wurst Kiosk

Feel free to add whatever comes to your mind.