Douaihy is poking fun at the ongoing electoral law debate and how everyone wants a slice of the pie, the Knefe pie in that case. I’m not really sure if they did it intentionally, but Knefe is ideal for the current situation we are in. It looks great, tastes great and everyone is adding more syrup on it to make it look appealing.

In fact, if we were to compare the proposed electoral laws to Knefe:

The 1960 electoral law: Rotten Knefe
The 1960 (modified) electoral law: Rotten Knefe with tons of syrup all over it.
Orthodox law: Syrup with no Knefe.
Proportional law: Knefe with little syrup.
Fouad Boutros law: Knefe bi Ashta

At the end of the day, we are all getting fat (or getting diabetes) from having Knefe over and over again! If you are interested in a more serious read on the ongoing electoral law, I recommend you follow [Moulahazat].