Al Wadi Al Akhdar is easily the Lebanese diaspora’s most recognizable brand around the world. In 2021, Al Wadi Al Akhdar celebrates four decades of love and pride in our Lebanese culinary heritage. That’s 40 years of making sure authentic, delicious Lebanese food is in every Lebanese home across the globe.

Al Wadi Al Akhdar was born when Bechara Obegi and Frank Farage decided they needed to do something to address a food shortage Lebanon was going through at the time. The pair wanted to create a quality brand that people could trust in keeping Lebanon’s rich culinary history alive.

Al Wadi Al Akhdar began with three staples of Lebanese cuisine: Hummus Tahina, Foul Mdammas and Chickpeas. In 1980, Baba Ghannoush was introduced along with canned vegetables. Al Wadi Al Akhdar’s frozen vegetables, which are what the brand is most well-known for, was launched in 1991.

In what is probably Lebanon’s darkest days thanks to incompetent politics and severely bad governance, it’s easy to forget that Lebanese brands and individuals are what are keeping our heads high as the world watches Lebanon plunge into crisis after crisis. Al Wadi Al Akhdar is one such brand in my honest opinion. What began as a local initiative to address food shortage in Lebanon, has transformed into an undisputed market leader when it comes to all things Lebanese Specialties related.

Today, Al Wadi Al Akhdar is available on shelves and fridges in more than 30 countries, with the team investing heavily in their research and development department with an Innovation Laboratory launched to envision and realize the future of a brand that has been on the rise for a generation now, and is not looking to slow down despite everything.

In 2014, Al Wadi Al Akhdar lost one of its foundational pillars to a tragic accident. But, that only made Al Wadi ensure the legacy lives on by making sure more and more people around the world can indulge in the best Lebanon has to offer: Lebanese cuisine specialties that feel like home when you’re far away, and an easy, dependable and quality way to share our culinary heritage with loved ones who haven’t been lucky enough to visit Lebanon proper yet.