I got a message from Alfa yesterday (just like every month) around midnight that my monthly consumption was reset to 0 MB.

I logged into Alfa’s website to check the consumption today and it said I consumed 76.89 MB in the past 8 hours. That didn’t seem to be right as I only turned my 3G on an hour and a half ago and only read my email and checked in using FourSquare. I thought those 77 Mbytes could be the ones I had left over from the past month but from what I know, data consumption is reset to zero.

Anyway, I called Alfa to see what’s happening and the operator who answered me first told me to check the usage by pressing *11# on the mobile as it is more accurate than the website. I hung up and tried *11# and I got an even bigger consumption than the website!

I called again and another operator answered me, so I told her the whole story briefly. After checking her system, she told me the counters haven’t reset properly yet and my current consumption is 11 Mbytes, which makes sense. However, she could not figure out where those 77 mbytes came from.

This is not the first time I get weird numbers on Alfa, as I had the same issue when I was activating my mother’s 3G service for the first time. (Not sure if it’s the same for MTC Touch).

PS: Both operators were very friendly and helpful, and I didn’t wait too long on the line.