Rimon is some guy from Zahle whose ice bucket challenge video went viral so those who filmed it decided to set up a page for Rimon and share more funny videos there. Needless to say, there’s nothing wrong with uploading funny videos and pulling pranks on someone but Rimon doesn’t seem too happy with some of these pranks and I’m not really sure if he’s fully aware that his videos are being viewed by thousands on Facebook. Also I was told that he may be mentally ill but I cannot confirm that. I asked a couple of friends from Zahle about him and they told me everyone’s nice to him and he enjoys doing these videos but I’m not so sure about that.

Check out the below video shared by Al Jadeed and you can clearly see he’s not too happy about what they did to him.

They probably went a bit too far with that prank as other ones are less harmful but this whole thing is wrong if you ask me. I thought he was drunk when I first saw him in a video but something’s not right and I hope someone looks into it.