Last year, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) launched the #TheDayIDisappeared campaign to draw attention to the fate of the individuals who went missing through conflict, disaster and migration and show solidarity with their loved ones. They also submitted a request to collect biological reference data from the relatives of missing persons to facilitate identification later on by cross-checking DNA samples.

This year, the ICRC has created a hotline 03/186386 asking people who know someone who went missing during the armed conflicts in Lebanon of 1975 to call and give you any useful information they have. The aim is to reach as many people who have a missing family member or loved one.

Unfortunately, a lot of parents are passing away without knowing the fate of their sons/daughters while those still alive continue to wait for answers to ease their indescribable pain.

Spread the word and contact the ICRC on 03/186386 if you know someone who went missing during the civil war.