Some 200 people will squeeze some 2,200 kilos of lemon which will be added to 1,000 kilos of sugar, 3,000 liters of water, and 1,000 kilos of ice cubes. Together, the participants will make 5,200 liters of lemonade, which will fill a glass 285 cm high and 140 cm at its base with 185 cm opening.

“The lemonade will be clean and fit to drink, and it will be distributed for free on beaches and in restaurants and other public places after announcing the new Guinness World Record at the end of Batrouni Lemonade Day,” Khoury said, adding that lemonade will also be distributed along the city’s main roads. [Link]

Even though it’s another pointless Guinness World Record, it’s very hot these days and I am sure everyone will need a fresh Lemonade. We will probably set another Guinness World Record in emptying the largest glass of lemonade.