BDL Governor Riad Salameh’s term is ending soon but it looks like there’s no other way but to renew for Salameh as Deputy Governor Wassim Mansouri refuses to take over and BDL Vice Governors released a statement yesterday threatening to take measures (resign?) if a new governor is being elected.

Salameh had previously insisted on several occasions that he will leave his post by the end of July even if he’s asked to stay longer, but in case he truly refuses an extension of his term, we will have yet another vacancy in a crucial position that might worsen the country’s economy even further.

Why doesn’t Mansouri want to take over? And what’s the reason behind the BDL VCs’ statement?

To put it simply, no one wants the responsibility of a BDL Governor when we have no president, no functioning government and no reform plan whatsoever, not to mention shrinking US reserves. Added to that, all political parties, with few exceptions, are keen on keeping Salameh in power to protect their interests and avoid any scandals or leaks. As for the BDL VGs, their statement is simply a legal loophole to renew for the governor.

One thing is for sure: They’ve been plotting this for quite some time and are creating some drama before implementing whatever they have in mind. But who cares right? As long as we foiled the daylight saving conspiracy 😂!