Bedivere has been open for over a year now in Hamra and is a great pub. I’ve been there a couple of times already and their food and drinks are quite good. The ambiance is really nice too and the owner always tries to encourage people to actually socialize instead of spending the night with their phones. He’s quite the social guy himself and always around. I am glad they made it to the Huffington Post, Reddit, E!Online and created a positive vibe online; it’s a nice restaurant policy that should be encouraged in other pubs in Lebanon.

The place opens at 11am and serves lunch as well, including a Plat Du Jour, Moules-frites on Mondays, great steaks specially the Steak on A Lava Stone platter which I had in Vienna once.

Check it out [Here].

Bedivere Eatery & Tavern in Beirut, Lebanon, wants people to actually talk to each other. A Reddit post spread the news of their newest discount around the globe: 10 percent off for any customer willing to give up their phone just one meal.


PS: This policy is not new as it was already adopted in the US but it’s a first in Lebanon.