Johann Perathoner is a 32 year old French Artist who specializes in 3D design and recreates cities by offering colorful and three-dimensional works for an impressive result. His technique is “first based on a sheet of classic Canson pencil to determine which perspective to choose, then highlighted in black felt watercolor. Johann works detail after detail; each element is never planned in advance so that we can focus on the work and discover some surprising elements that make up the richness of a city. After a black and white scan in a laboratory comes the color : a day and night version for each work. ” Every city brings different emotions by day or by night. “I ‘m too attached to all environments to propose only one look”. Then comes the cutting of different layers to recreate the third dimension without forgetting the many visual effects (glitter, rhinestones, textures… ) which will arise from the drawing a “real” stunning look. Each piece is approximately 1000 hours of work.” [Source]

Perathoner’s main inspiration are big cities and he has already built 3D pieces of New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, Beirut and Singapore.

Here are some pictures of the Beirut 3D artwork: