beirut design week

The third edition of the Beirut Design Week will be held between June 9 and June 15 across Beirut. The launching event is at Beirut Souks and will be followed by exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studies in Saifi Village, Achrafieh, Gemmayze, Sursock, Hamra, Karantina and Mar Mikhael.

Even if you are not working in this field, it’s pretty interesting to pass by and check out the exhibitions and the work of local and international designers in Lebanon. You can check out the full program and other information on the following [website].

Beirut Design Week is held annually in June across Beirut City, featuring exhibitions, conferences, workshops and open studios showcasing the work of local and international designers operating within Lebanon. The event focuses on creative economies, intercultural exchange, design education and design entrepreneurship. Beirut Design Week is organized by the MENA Design Research Center, a non-profit organization cofounded by Doreen Toutikan and Maya Karanouh. The Center is focused on promoting a diverse understanding of design through the implementation of design research and collaborative multidisciplinary projects in the region.

For the third consecutive year, Beirut Design Week brings you again the latest on all forms of design -local and international- spread all over the city, encompassing over 80 events and locations. With every year the design community grows and the goals of Beirut Design Week become more apparent. Since the beginning, the event stands firmly on three pillars which are the foundation and basis of all the activities that place during the week. These pillars are: creative entrepreneurship, education, and community. All three categories are equally important and sum up the reasons why MENA Design Research Center has initiated and continues to nurture this annual event.