One detail i forgot to mention in my Visit to Ksara post was the stop on my way back at Badiha Massabni shop to buy Labneh and Jebneh Baladiyye. This place has become a traditional mandatory stop for all tourists or Lebanese passing by Chtaura.

In fact, this place is so famous that Lebanese diva Fayrouz visited it and took a picture with its owners, and it is not that common that Fayrouz takes pictures. Mansour Rahbani also shows in the picture and Badiha Massabni as well.

I got myself a Labneh Sandwich (in Mar2ou2 Bread) and bought home 1kg of Labneh, Halloum cheese and Chanklish. Labneh was very yummy but i must say a bit too salty. Nevertheless, i recommend this place to anyone who likes a good Labneh sandwich.

Here are some pictures of the place.

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