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via Rita

Betchay Municipality decided few days ago to impose a curfew on ALL foreigners from 8:30pm till 5:30am. Not only is this decision disrespectful and unjustified, but it is also illegal. The municipality, as per my friend and lawyer Jad, is not authorized to issue such a curfew and there’s no legal ground to it.

I wonder if this curfew applies to European and American tourists as well. I would love to see the Betchay municipality police ask them to go back home or to their hotels.


Having said that, the municipality is authorized to ask foreigners (Syrians in Zouk Mikhael’s case) to submit their legal papers to verify them just like it’s been doing in Zouk Mikhael. Speaking of Syrians, we have now over 300,000 refugees (or as Abboud likes to call them “tourists”).