I usually go to Roadster for late breakfasts on Sunday but I decided to give LVD Diner a try yesterday. LVD (Latest Version Diner) is an American diner located in Dbayeh next to Chopsticks and Shtrumpf that serves breakfast, burgers and steaks. It’s been open since February 2012 and is doing well from what I’ve been heard from some friends.


The good thing about LVD is that it opens at 6am from Monday to Sunday, so if you’re ever stuck in traffic on your way to Beirut, you can pass by, have breakfast wait for the traffic to end and then go to work (I did it a few times already at Zaatar w Zeit). Anyway, I ordered the Morning Harvest Eggs (Sunny side up) and my friend the same with extra bacon. The eggs come with toasts and a mixed salad while the add-ons cost you around 3000 each but they’re pretty generous with them. Also, Orange Juice or Coffee are on the house and you can ask for as many refills as you want.


After the eggs, we ordered Banana & Chocolate pancakes and they were surprisingly better than the ones I have at Roadster usually but I still prefer crepes over pancakes anytime. All in all, breakfast was great and service was good and I recommend you give the place a try.

As far as burgers and steaks are concerned, I only went there once for a quick lunch and the burger I had wasn’t that great and a bit too overpriced but like I said, it was a quick lunch so I need to visit again.