Nutella is no longer affordable or even available in Lebanon due to the dollar crisis. As a result, people are looking into Lebanese-based alternatives and surprisingly, there are many. In fact, our friend Bassam Karam found fifteen locally produced chocolate spreads and reviewed three of them already:

1- ChocoDoux

2- Munchies

3- Ted Lebanon

4- Eshmoon

5- NuCrema

6- GTella

7- Sevilla

8- Chic&Choc

9- Chocola Tia

10- Gardenia

11- Chocowoo

12- Equia

13- Bader

14- Wilbi

15- Sugar N Spice

And of course

16- Chocomax

Most of them are found in supermarkets and I’ve put links to FB pages and websites whenever found. I will updating the post whenever I find new ones.

PS: had posted 7 alternatives to Nutella a few weeks back.