It’s been over a month now that Saad Hariri was re-assigned to form a government and still nothing. Today, after a three-week pause, Hariri met Aoun and instead of agreeing on a final line-up, each handed the other a cabinet line-up. Why did they meet if they’re incapable of discussing each other’s proposal? Why didn’t they mail the proposal ahead of time? How can they be that laid back in such critical times?

The answer is simple: They don’t care about what’s happening around them, and they’ll keep delaying a new government formation until they get their share of the pie. Whether people are starving, there are riots in the streets, banks are in crisis, the economy is crumbling, all this can wait if there’s a ministry at stake.

When the revolution rightfully forced Hariri to resign, Hariri’s allies and opponents teamed up to crush the revolution and bring him back. Why? Because they need him to keep the status-quo. All those in power need each other to survive, and none of them is going to help get this country back on its feet.

Whether it’s Hariri, Berri, Aoun, Nasrallah, Bassil, Geagea, Jumblatt, Gemayel, Frangieh etc., they’re all part of the problem and they need to go. Choosing 18 competent ministers to get us out of this mess is quite simple and can be done in few hours if the intentions are there. Otherwise, we’re running in vicious circles and the next government will be as bad or even worse (if that’s even possible) than the current one.

PS: For those claiming that those in power represent the people who voted for them, Lebanon is a hybrid regime with flawed elections. We never had and never will have free elections with a system like that.