The answer is quite simple: Everyone in charge since 2013 from Presidents, PMs, Ministers, Heads of Parliament, Army Generals, officers,, Heads of Customs, Port officials, etc.

Up until today, Judge Sawwan’s work as lead investigator of the Beirut blast has been heavily criticized for all the right reasons, and it’s not clear what he’s trying to pull by selectively charging here and there, but if those getting charged have nothing to hide or are confident they’re innocent, then why hide behind sectarian lines and fake excuses?

Based on all the evidence and TV reports done on the blast so far, mainly by the Al-Jadeed team, we can very easily compile a list of people who knew about the ammonium nitrate, so why not call after all of them and take their testimony?

This is not a normal crime that Judge Sawwan has been tasked to investigate; it’s the most horrific crime Lebanon has ever witnessed, and no legal technicalities should stand in the way of a transparent and honest investigation. If the Judge wants to interrogate the President, he should be able to, same for the PM, Head of parliament, Army Chief etc.

Any head of state who knew about the 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate and didn’t escalate the matter, holds at the least an ethical responsibility. When you’re answering day and night on all your social media channels TV reports & journalists that criticize your speeches or actions, one would expect a simple tweet or press release regarding such a critical matter.

All those who knew about these substances are guilty, they’re guilty of neglect and mismanagement, and this probe is not getting anywhere if it gets politicized like it’s happening now.

Personally speaking, I am not expecting anything from a judge appointed by the same political class that directly or indirectly is responsible for this blast and the country’s collapse, but what I’m hoping and praying for is that one suspect spills the beans, after which heads will start rolling.