The country’s COVID-19 measures were revised today ahead of the holidays, whereas the nighttime curfew is now set at 11:30PM instead of 11PM and businesses will be allowed to open until 10:30 pm instead of 10:00 pm.

Nightclubs and pubs will be allowed to open at 50% capacity, but will have to shutdown at 10:30PM. Added to that, dancing will be prohibited and a two-meter distance between tables shall be observed while only eight people will be allowed to be seated at the same table.

I saw the Interior Minister trying to justify the new measures on Al-Jadeed, and as usual, it doesn’t make any sense. Yes social gatherings are needed and yes social dis-dancing were implemented briefly abroad, but how could they possibly enforce such rules? And if the aim is to allow businesses to open on Christmas and New Year’s Eve, why set the curfew at 11:30? Do we need to tell the minister NYE happens on midnight?

To be honest, I think this government should just come out and cancel anything COVID-19 related because they’re only making it worse. This is becoming beyond ridiculous.