I’ve read this story three times and I can’t figure out if the author is trying to be funny or is for real. He’s basically suggesting Bou Faour should go check if the food in Dubai is safe because Myriam Fares got poisoned? Is he seriously doubting the food safety standards in Dubai and praising what we have in Lebanon?

I am not sure if delusional is the right word to describe the author of this article.

The food safety campaign conducted by Minister of Health Wael Abou Faour did not stop. But will it reach Dubai? Lebanese diva Myriam Fares posted on her Instagram official page a photo showing a serum bag, with her name written in Latin.

Commenting on the photo, the songstress explained that she had been admitted to hospital since Monday due to food poisoning, hoping that she would get better by Friday. “I hope I get better by Friday from the food poisoning I have been suffering from since Monday so that I would be able to perform at a wedding in Dubai and make it as unforgettable evening to two persons starting a new chapter in their lives,” Fares said.

So will Abou Faour launch a probe in Myriam’s case? Will he check if the food in Dubai abides by the safety standards?

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