Lebanese Women Pissed by Ministry of Tourism campaign

The television campaign sponsored by the Ministry of Tourism and entitled "Lebanon blues" has angered a lot of Lebanese women who claim they are being portrayed in an indecent manner and that the Ministry of Tourism and its minister Fadi Abboud are promoting Lebanon as a country for sex tourism. Here's an excerpt of what came in that response: "The truth is that we are not “free” women wearing bikinis and partying all night. The…

How to Sneak Sex toys into the Middle East

In certain countries sex toys are taboo and their shops are forbidden, so the point was to create a sex toy hidden in an element that could be sold in the shop front of a home accessories boutique. It would be interesting if someone got caught in the next few weeks smuggling sex toys in a bedside lamp. Via JadAoun

Massage "Extra"

13 years ago
Here’s what happened to a friend of mine a week ago during her massage session at a popular spa which i will refrain from naming as per her request. Note: All characters showing in this ...

65 meters long Penis in Russia

13 years ago
In a piece of cutting political commentary, a group of artists have protested about heightened security in the Russian city of St. Petersburg by drawing a giant 220ft-long penis on a drawbridge. [Source] This is ...

Boobs on Star Academy (Lebanon 2010)

13 years ago
Wow, I need to start watching this show… [YouTube] Update: False alarm, turns out she’s Italian and her name is Cristina del Basso. She was on the Italian version of Big Brother. Someone was just ...