Hezbollah Launched a New Video Game: “Sacred Defense”

Hezbollah has launched a new first-person shooter video game called “Sacred Defense – Protecting the Homeland And Holy Sites" where the player takes the role of a Hezbollah fighter engaged in a series of different battles against ISIS and defending holy sites in Syria. I got the last two games they launched, Special Force & Special Force 2: Tale of the Truthful Pledge just to give them a try but they were too lousy to…

Lebanese actress Nadine Njeim lending her voice to Lara Croft

Source Nadine Njeim was elected Miss Lebanon in 2007. While the actress Camilla Luddington is providing the English voice-over, the game has also been localised, with the Lebanese actress and model Nadine Njeim stepping in to give an Arabic lilt to the character, a first for an action-adventure title. “They just took out the English and translated it, but we had to adapt it to the tie frame we have and the lip synching we…

PS4 release date set for Christmas 2013

8 years ago
[YouTube] The new console looks great. Too bad we have to wait till December 2013 to get the new Play Station 4. For those interested, you can read more about the new PS4 [features]. PS: ...

Help Santa save Christmas! Fire his cannon at buildings and roadblocks!

8 years ago
LebanonGames are inspired by the Lebanese daily life and created by Mercury. SantaExpress is the latest game by Mercury [LebanonGames] where you get to help Santa save Christmas by firing his gift cannon over Beirut ...

Run for Peace Game

9 years ago
[YouTube] Run For Peace is a new iPhone and iPad game about Peace. Salim, a new hero, is a peaceful guy who has dreamed about Peace since he was 3 years old. Unfortunately for him, ...

Straw Hat Legacy

10 years ago
[YouTube] Straw Hat Legacy is an iPhone/iPad game designed by a Lebanese indie developer called EvilEggPlant Studios. I guess the Arabic for that would be الباذنجان الشريرة? Anyway, EvilEggPlant was started up by two guys, ...

NBA 2011 glitch

10 years ago
Notice the number of players in the white jersey. I had 6 players for a whole quarter. Looks like the game has a good share of glitches. ...

FIFA 2012 in Arabic

10 years ago
[YouTube] That promises to be fun. ...
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The World's Hardest Game !

11 years ago
It is by far the most difficult flash game i’ve played so far. I’ve been playing for half an hour and i can’t get passed level 10. There are 30 levels over all. ...