After bringing back to life El Hamra cinema few years back to hold Tyre’s first ever international film festival, Kassem Istanbouli has taken the abandoned Rívoli Cinema of Tyre, for its restoration and opening as a Culture space for the city.

Cinema Rivali was open from 1959 till 1988 and was visited by several local and foreign celebrities including: Jean Marais, Brigitte Bardot, Rushdi Abaza, Emad Hamdy, Omar Hariri, Nadia ALjoundi, Anwar Albaba, Ibrahim Meraachli and Samira Tawfiq, Sheikh Imam, Remy Bendaly, Wadi Al Safi, Muzaffar Anawab, Hassan Alaa Eddin, Duraid Lahham and others.

Tyre’s first ever cinema was Roxy in 1939, followed by Empire in 1942, Rivoli in 1959, Cinema Dounia in 1964 and Al Hamra in 1966. All were closed during the civil war.