Screenshot via Trella

In case you missed it, MTV pulled a prank on the 1st of April by claiming fishermen had gone missing after sailing from the Dora port. Few minutes later, LBC reported that the Civil Defense sea rescue unit is patrolling the area with the help of the army before MTV announces that they were pulling an April Fool’s joke.

After what happened, LBCI and MTV both came under fire, LBCI for falling for the joke and “fabricating” news to follow up on the original story, and MTV for pulling such a prank in the first place. I personally thought it was a bad joke since it wasn’t done in coordination with the ISF and Civil Defense, but LBCI had a different version to the story. In fact and according to what was posted on LBC Blogs, MTV had informed the ISF about their prank but not the Civil Defense who went out on a rescue mission as soon as they heard the news.

This being said, and if we were to believe LBCI, it is still a bad joke from MTV and the ISF as well who shouldn’t have allowed it or at least told the Civil Defense unit in advance.