Castania Castania mbayyada!

Here are some of the Easter Ads I spotted this year. Kababji and Castania were the most creative this year while Exotica re-used last year’s ad. Here are last year’s ads in case you missed them.

MARCH ad from last year was brilliant!

Exotica Exotica

Kababji No more kebbit la2teen, hello eggs! via Kababji

Dodge Love this one from Dodge!

Jeep Nice one Jeep!

easter-2015 via Vivad

KHoury Khoury Home

Mayrig Mayrig restaurant

dunk #Huntindonuts not eggs this year – via DunkinDonuts

Nazha Ma3moul el Eid – via Beit Nazha

Sony via Sony Lebanon

Sweet Sweet Easter treat – via Dulce ‘n Banana

Tamashii via Tamashii

easter-01 via BeirutFood

Touch via Touch

Alfa via Alfa Telecom

brgrco Easter buns – Brgrco

Yasa via Yasa