I’ve always wondered how come Lebanese don’t include more of Debs el kharoub in their meals and desserts and promote it better. I mean the same way you open up a Nutella jar and start eating from it, you can prepare some Debs el Kharoub and eat it with bread or Kaak or toasts.

Debs el Kharoub is one of the healthiest desserts you can have and is very delicious one! It is very addictive too and does not have any artificial substances in it and is prepared by simply mixing it with “t7eene”.

Its extraction is very difficult however and is restricted to few areas in Lebanon but as our grand parents would tell us:

“«اسمع يا جدي، الدبس هو أطيب أكلة في العالم، طبيعي 100%ØŒ بحلّي وبنشط وبيفيد، وأهم شي ما بيضرّ»،”

I am considering emailing some of the Lebanese restaurants in Lebanon and asked them to make Debs Kharoub based desserts, and also Crepaway to come up with Debs Kharoub based crepe.