I’m quite familiar with local restaurants and small “mom-and-pop” places in the Metn area. I went to school in that district, and many of my closest friends live and grew up there. Naturally, all the nights spent watching movies and playing board games there, meant we were often adventurous in what we’d order for food. A few weeks ago, we did just that, and ordered from a new chicken place I hadn’t tried before, and it was quite the pleasant surprise!

The place I’m talking about is Deekmatic, located in Mazraat Yachouch, just a few seconds away from the main highway in Elissar. It’s not quite a big and fancy place, but also, not your local “snack”. It has about 12 to 15 tables, indoors and outdoors. The rest of the restaurant is basically an open kitchen.

As is super important in chicken places, the place was squeaky clean and shining, which was a relief even before ordering anything. They do wings, strips, charcoal grilled and broasted and basically every way you can prepare chicken. The chicken was perfect, the juiciness was just right and their seasoning was on point. It’s rare that I’m surprised by chicken dishes anymore, but Deekmatic’s was thoroughly enjoyable! And don’t get me started with their mouth-watering burgers!

Perhaps what I loved most about Deekmatic is the generosity, and the lack of pretentiousness and no over-charging. The portions are enough to fill you up, they don’t count individual fries like some restaurants do these days.

It’s clean, very affordable and their menu is delicious. It’s what every restaurant should be: good food, without breaking your bank. It’s so good, that in the past few months, I’ve been there twice already. My favorite item is their broasted drumsticks, and charcoal grilled chicken. They have a wide selection of wings flavors, and I tasted a couple and they were great, and I highly recommend you try the “special Deekmatic sauce”.

If you live in the Metn area, or are just passing through, and love chicken, then Deekmatic is a must-visit for you!

Here’s their [menu] and Facebook page [here].