cedars [Cedars Panorama]

I’ve been using this app ever since it was launched and it’s very easy-to-use and cool. I even had the chance to meet one of its founders at a friend’s wedding. I have tons of panoramas to share which I will do sometime next week.

Dermandar, one of the hottest startups to come out of the Arab world this year, has just won the “World’s Best App” award in the Lifestyle and Entertainment category at the World Summit Award for mobile content. Dermandar Panorama was considered the “easiest-to-use panoramic picture app” by The Wall Street Journal. It has over 6 million downloads since its launch in 2011. [Wamda]

Who is behind Dermandar?
Dermandar is a Lebanese software company specialized in image processing. Founded by Elie-Gregoire Khoury and Elias Fadel Khoury, its main shareholders are Berytech Fund and George Harik, distinguished Engineer at Google.

About WSA-mobile
WSA mobile is a global initiative that awards local apps with global relevance. It selects outstanding mobile content and promotes it on a global congress in Abu Dhabi. All activities of the World Summit Award are conducted within the framework of the United Nations’ World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), mandated by the WSIS Plan of Action and executed in collaboration with UNESCO, UNIDO and UN DESA GAID. [Source]

Thumbs up on a job well done!

Dermandar is available on both iOS and Android. [Website]