What they did is still very wrong but it’s good that they issued an apology.

Thumbs up to Dalal for posting about it!

The Dictateur’s owners official reply on the incident that happened with Ms. Dala Mawad:

On behalf of the Dictateur owners and manager, we would like to apologize to Miss Dalal Mawad for the inconvenience that has happened yesterday. We definitely don’t believe in insulting or assaulting our customers, we go to extreme measures to insure that they have a pleasant stay at our place, but yesterday a misunderstanding obviously got totally out of hand, and for that again we apologize.

As for smoking ban, Dictateur fully respects Law 174, and we’ve been very clear about where our customers can or cannot smoke; our garden and terrace are outdoor spaces where smoking is allowed. Our lounge is a closed space so we prohibit smoking there, and we have been very strict about making sure it remains smoke free. As for the bar, yes it’s a bit in the grey area, since it has 2 open elevations, and different parties are interpreting it differently. However we highly appreciate any further clarifications regarding that case.

Mardig Troshagerian