After being a news anchor on OTV for 4 years, between 2007 and 2011, then on the LBCI for 8 years, until 2019, including hosting the Miss Lebanon Pageant in 2014, 15, 17 and 2018, she is back on the big screen.

“Extremist” to some, “bold and one of the icons of the October 2019 revolution” to others,  Dima Sadek joins MTV Lebanon exactly a year after breaking up with the LBCI.

The announcement was made by the journalist herself on the different social media platforms:

Dima is rumored to be hosting (according to Al Akhbar) a political show entitled “Critical Dima” that does not feature guests, which will be produced by the activist Salam El Zaatari.

It will air once per week, for half an hour, tackling the latest national and international events, and will be hitting the screen in the upcoming fortnight, before 2020 ends.