Christmas is all about joy, family and children, but it’s also about living the Christmas spirit and giving to the needy. It’s about remembering those who cannot afford to buy gifts, those who don’t have enough money to set up a Christmas tree or even to invite the family over for dinner. It’s about putting a smile on the face of a child who has never celebrated Christmas or received a gift.

I know it’s hard for most of us to imagine Christmas without a tree, decorations, food and gifts but a lot of poor families cannot afford all that, and I believe we should all get used to helping needy families during this season and all year long if possible.


There are many ways that you can help, many charities that you can support and many initiatives that you can help promote and that I will be blogging about of course, but one of my favorites this year in Lebanon is LeMall’s #TurnChristmasAround campaign. LeMall basically got a huge Christmas truck, teamed up with “Teach A Child” and “Joue Club” and they are touring around the country visiting different schools and bringing Christmas to the kids who can’t have it.

A friend of mine joined them yesterday in their first stop in a school located North of Lebanon and shared with me a lot of heartwarming pictures. He told me some of them had never received a gift in their life and there were no words to describe how happy these kids were.


The truck will be touring from December 14 till December 18 and I am doing my best to try and join them in one of the visits to capture these children’s reactions. Since I’ve gained a bit of weight lately, I could even dress up as Santa lol! If you are interested in joining, you can track the truck on their [Facebook Page] and join them. There are planned stops in the North, South, Zahle, Keserwan, Achrafieh and Zouk.

Let’s try to make Christmas merry and real for those in need this year.