We’re going through tough times where every dollar/Lira counts. Our economy is crumbling, businesses are shutting down, poverty levels are skyrocketing and on top of all that we have the COVID19 crisis to manage. The lack of funds to equip hospitals is quite alarming and NGOs are desperately looking for donors to fund their work and keep helping those in need.

Thought the past few days, we wrote about an initiative to provide hospitals with much needed ventilators, and another initiative to help shelter Red Cross & medical heroes. Today I just found out about a new initiative called helplebanon.com where you can go in and donate to the NGO/Hospital/Association of your choice.

Those included right now are:
– Ajialouna
– Batroun Hospital
– Bouar Public Hospital
– Caritas Lebanon
– Lebanese Food Bank
– Lebanese Red Cross
– Rafik Hariri University Hospital
– Saida Public Hospital
– Sesobel
– Tripoli Governmental Hospital

The platform is straight-forward, you choose an NGO, fill out your info (you can stay anonymous if you like) and donate.

Donate to support your country and your people through these tough times. Visit HelpLebanon.com