The New Minister of Environment Fady Jreissati has announced this Sunday a “National day for Lebanon’s natural reserves” and has invited all Lebanese to go out and enjoy them free of charge. There are fifteen natural reserves, out of which nine will be open:

1- Tannourine Cedars Nature Reserve

2- Horsh Ehden Nature Reserve

3- Chnaniir Nature Reserve

4- Bentael Nature Reserve

5- Shouf Cedars Nature Reserve

trees of Al Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve Barouk in mount Lebanon Middle east

6- Wadi Hojeir Nature Reserve

7- Jabal Moussa Nature site

The Roman stairs cross Jabal Moussa from Mchati to Qehmez. It’s long and strictly upwards, and I was proud my parents were able to complete it.

8- Palm Island

9- Tyre Coast Nature Reserve

You can check them out on the map shared by the Minister below: