mem via Lebanese Memes

As you all probably know by now, Our Education Minister decided to issue passing statements for all students who applied for official exams this year in order for them to continue with their academic plans and be able to enroll in universities. The minister also offered 48 hours to find alternatives before proceeding with the passing statements once and for all.

This basically means that all students passed their exams without any corrections made, which is unacceptable in my opinion, but probably the only plausible solution given that the teachers are still on strike and are refusing to correct the exams. Speaking of which, and even though they have every right to demand raises, I think the teachers are doing a big mistake by jeopardizing the students’ interests.

I think there are two alternative solutions that could be adopted:

1- Outsource the correction to private school teachers or some specialized group.
2- Public school teachers to pause their strike, correct the exams and resume it afterwards.