Rally Dakar is the most challenging rally held since 1978. Since 2009, the race has been moved to Latin America, after threats in Mauritania were too great to continue the original route from Paris in France, to Dakar in Senegal. The rally is a massive endurance test, and the tough, mostly off-road tracks are notoriously dangerous, with many drivers losing their lives or injuring themselves while attempting to finish the gruelling rally.

For the first time ever, a Lebanese team is participating in the 2018 Rally Dakar in January. Jad Comair and Antoine Iskandar recently announced they’re excited to participate in the prestigious competition this year, but wanted to do more to help those who need it most. That’s why they’ve decided to launch the #BeTheDrive campaign in support of Lebanese association Anta Akhi and have pledged to donate their proceeds from the rally to the association helping 67 persons with disabilities in Lebanon with all that they need to live their lives to the fullest.

This is what Comair and Iskandar had to say:

“Today starts our real journey; and while we were triggered by our love towards our country to participate in the hardest rally in the world, we are today standing in front of a bigger responsibility, for our participation has taken a bigger dimension as we dedicate it to people who face much bigger challenges every day and they face them happily. In fact, all our proceeds will go to an association that works hard to offer a decent life to 67 young men and women who suffer from physical and/or mental disabilities, securing all the medical, social and spiritual needs of their daily lives. Each one of you can also make a difference and be the drive of those who aren’t any different from us, but live and love their lives despite all difficulties.”

I think it’s amazing that a Lebanese team will be waving our flag at the iconic Rally Dakar this year, but even more so that they decided to help others in the process. You can donate to Anta Akhi on this link, and follow up with the Lebanese team as they prepare for Rally Dakar next month!

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