As Lebanese passport holders, we are at a massive disadvantage when we want to travel. Virtually most countries you’d wanna visit, need a pre-approved visa if you’re a Lebanese passport holder. If you have been bitten by the travel bug, chances are you know how horrifying the Schengen visa process for Lebanese, with tons of paperwork, long wait times and a lot of money spent on things like sworn translations and going back to your hometown for the necessary documents.

I was pleasantly surprised though when I found out that Wild Discovery have managed to streamline and expedite the Schengen visa process. In fact, I’ve been postponing my trip to Paris for the past couple of years because of the Schengen process but it appears that WD, along with a couple more travel agencies, have struck a deal with the French Embassy, whereas you barely have to come up with papers and documents. In fact, all you need to do is actually book with Wild Discovery, not the usual “ghost bookings” many people resort to before they actually know if they got their visa or not. I tried it myself, and even though I only got the Schengen this time for 90 days, it was quite the easy process and I had to hand in my passport and official ID, WD took care of everything else.

The visa charges were $140 per adult and I only had to visit the WD offices for submitting the papers needed and the collecting my passports. My history with Wild Disovery goes back years, and I’ve used their services to travel with my family at least four times and went on a couple of media trips with them as well. Other than the fact that they made the Schengen process much less time-consuming and stressful, their packages are always truly tailor-made and customized depending on what you’re looking for.

Speaking of their offices, I’ve noticed that they’ve face-lifted and updated their branding and stores and are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year. I was also tempted to ask about their Safari offers as I’ve always dream of going on an African Safari. A couple of my friends planned the whole thing with WD and absolutely loved it, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to take Brian at this young age. I got back from France with a back pain LOL!