We’re almost 50 days away from Christmas and it’s time for my yearly #FitB4Christmas with TechieDad! What started off as a fun challenge is actually paying off because I’ve almost managed to maintain my weight from last year and stayed active. In fact, I even got back to jogging during my summer break in Montreal and was at my lowest weight in 5 years at 100.5kg when I got back to Beirut.

At this moment, I’m at 103.5 and should be 98 by the end of the third #FitB4Christmas which begins tomorrow. Here are the rules for this year’s challenge and everyone is more than willing to join!

Why #FitB4Christmas?
We tend to eat and drink a lot around Christmas and New Year, so now is a good time to lose few kilos and get back on the right track. We will need to lose at least 6 kilos by Christmas (December 24) by following a healthier lifestyle rather than starving ourselves out.

What’s the challenge?

– Walk/Jog on average 10,000 steps a day (using a mobile’s Health app).
– Climb more than 20 Flights a day (using a mobile’s Health app).
– Do 50 pushups in a row by end of the challenge (must be documented in a video)

– Run/Walk 5K in less than 40 minutes.

What can we eat?

– No fried food or fast food are allowed.
– No soft or alcoholic drinks are allowed.
– No desserts or sweets are allowed.
– Cut down on carbs (No Manakish, Kaak, etc ..) and stick to multi-cereal bread.
– No meals are allowed after 9PM on week days. You can only have a salad and a bowl of bacon is not considered a salad 😛

You are allowed 1 cheat meal (including drinks and a dessert) every week.

Tracking our progress

We’ll be using the iPhone or Huawei Health apps (since we both have both devices) to track the steps and we will share weekly recaps on where we stand.

What does the winner get?

Needless to say, we will both emerge as winners if we do commit to this program but still there has to be a winner and a loser. I will leave it to Jimmy to decide what he will get me once he loses for the second year in a row 😜

The challenge starts tomorrow and ends on December 24.