Here’s a 6-minute short movie on Mohammad Ali Neimeh, the man who cultivates Lebanon’s wild herb and who’s a thyme passionate. Mohammad, also known as Abou Kassem, used to collect thyme from the fields and quite often get exposed to snipping and shelling by the Israeli Army during their occupation of South Lebanon. That’s where he decided to take the seeds and plant them elsewhere. It took time, patience and dedication but he pulled it off and “the changes that he implemented have seen huge changes in the way that thyme is now grown in Lebanon”.

Wild thyme can be mixed with so many things and is delicious. My favorite is mixing it with white cheese (Bulghari) with some olive oil on top.

Check out this beautiful story prepared by Nay Aoun.

For the Love of Thyme: The Man Who Cultivates Lebanon’s Wild Herb from Nay Aoun on Vimeo.