David Frem launched his second concept car yesterday at the Forum de Beirut at 2:00pm and is aiming at producing only 100 for sale. Frem’s slogan is “WAHDO HELMAK …BI3AMER WATANAK”.

We all would like to have a Lebanese sports car but Frem’s first car was a complete disaster, so unless he restarted from zero, he’ll be humiliating himself again. What i don’t understand though is why he is aiming that high?? Why not start with a simple car and then develop it?

Here’s an excerpt of what autoblog had to say on his first car, a bit harsh but not far from the truth.

Needless to say, the styling and build quality leaves a lot to be desired. The front end might bare a striking resemblance to Frem’s targeted marque, but the massive upright schnoz and gaping air intakes won’t lend themselves well to European pedestrian impact standards. And if you think the exterior is bad, the foam and wood interior, complete with offset steering wheel held in place by a bent metal bracket, is even worse.

via Beirut Drive-by Shooting