As i posted earlier today, i went tonight to the Red Bull Car Park drift held in the Forum de Beyrouth. I was excited to go cause i had VIP tickets and would be well-seated to watch the drifts and take pictures of the car, but instead it was probably the most badly organized events i’ve ever been in years and i left only after 20 minutes.

The event was taking place at 8 pm, so out of precaution i left my house around 7:20 and only reached the forum at 8:20 or so. There were barely any spottable signs as to where Friends & Media can get in or the public can get in, so we rushed to the first entrance and we were denied entrance since there’s no parking inside. Yes! No freaking parking for anyone!

So i started looking for a place to park along with some 10000 other cars. I almost got to Gemmayze trying to find a spot then i managed to convince the Sleep Comfort security guard of letting me park. We walked to the first entrance and were told which way are the VIP seated. We kept walking for a good 15 minutes without finding anywhere that looked like a decent section and the place was so damn crowded we could barely see the cars. We came back and tried another entrance and same thing, no place to even see the cars and people everywhere.

Each security guy gave us different directions so we just stood still, watched whatever could be spotted for 10 minutes and left.

The barriers behind which the crowds were standing were ridiculously fragile and close and any false move from a drifting car could have killed at least 100 people. Cars were also bad and old, only few decent cars.

Tonight was really a big disappointment. I was very excited for this event and instead it was a whole waste of time.