This girl is getting sillier by the day. Check out below her response to my earlier post.

hey u,
u r pretending to be so open minded go nd see ur singer half naked on tv is this acceptable with theire vulgarity bahaviour nd worst no voice, take this also people drunk in the middle of a swimming poole .take this what bout the copy past of haifa or donno who what bout egality that u r talking bout, what bout the freedom of each person that ur r asking for so an advice go nd take care of ur own business nd stop gudging other look at urself before nd at the miror see maybe u need some botox or silicone to look better or u have to put some of in ur brain to think better at the en i m lara kay i represent myself i m not even proud to represent u sik minded here i am here i will stay nd guess what i hate as much as u hate me kisseesssssssss to all my haters nd remember (i think so i am )

Have a few drinks and then watch her videos, you will laugh your ass off!