My favorite Lahm Baajine place in Lebanon is opening soon in Dubai! I’ve known for a while now that they’re considering opening in Dubai & Abu Dhabi in 2022 but I don’t have the exact dates yet. Nevertheless, it is happening as they already set up an Instagram account for the UAE.

Furn Beaino started off as a small oven in Sarba and quickly became known for its Lahm Baajine. The family-run business expanded its business four years ago to include a delivery menu including new items such as Pizzas, wraps, salads, beverages and desserts. They also make their own homemade yogurt and minted-yogurt, which is a must with the Lahm Baajine of course 🙂

Opening in the UAE is a great move. Get ready Dubai peeps to taste the best Lahm Baajine in town!