What better way to regulate the work of exchange officers than ask people to snitch on each other 🙄? The Lebanese General Security has set up four hotlines to monitor the currency exchange operations and has asked people to report any potential manipulation on the following (01/384211 -01/384215 – 01/384247 01/384248).

The question is: What happens if you tell on someone? How can they make sure the other person is not lying? And what actions can be taken? What if the party accused of taking advantage of the circumstances has “wasta”? Who protects the snitch?

Encouraging a nation of snitches is a bad idea. No one can control the black market right now because it’s like arresting drug dealers at this point. You simply can’t stop it and chances are many political parties are providing a cover to many of them.

Maybe people should call and accuse the BDL or some banks of manipulation, see what they can do about it 😁