If you are looking for cheap and decent items for Christmas or New Year’s eve, Geryes Bou Naoum is the place to go! I found out about this place three years ago and since then I’ve been going yearly specially for New Year. The confetti for example is ALWAYS cheaper than what you find in supermarkets or shops and there’s a large variety of almost everything. Bou Naoum is a wholesaler that is located in Jal el Dib near Odeon theater and McDonald’s; the easiest way is to take the main highway and take your first right after O&C Supermarket, once you reach the inside Jal el Dib Zalk road, go right and then take your first left after Odeon theater. Drive for 200 meters then you will see a small road that takes you to a huge hangar. It’s usually crowded around Christmas and New Year so try to park in the nearby parking lot or on the main street and walk up.

Don’t expect to see a nice shop as Bou Naoum is a wholesaler and the place is like a huge bazaar. The staff however is very friendly and helpful and it’s very easy to get discounts on almost everything.