I have some good memories from Hard Rock Cafe back when it opened and it was the place to be but for some reason, the concept never picked up in Lebanon. I visited Hard Rock Cafe a couple of years back and the food and service were decent but the place was totally empty. I don’t know if the location they picked was inadequate, but it’s a shame to see this place close down.

In fact and based on what they stated below, they are looking for a new spot to open in Beirut but I wouldn’t recommend they do that before things calm down.


On September 9, 2013, Hard Rock Cafe Beirut, located at Bay View Hotel, Ein El Mreisseh, will close.

Since opening its doors in 1996, Hard Rock has enjoyed a rich history and has appreciated the opportunity to serve guests in Beirut.

Hard Rock International remains committed to growth and expansion in the region, and looks forward to finding a new site for a Hard Rock Cafe location within the city of Beirut. [HardRockCafe]